There are many questions that come up during a discussion about using concrete in places that traditionally would utilize other materials. This page will address some of the more common questions. Again, please call or write with any other questions you may have.


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What colors do you offer? (click on the colors above to see larger images)

Some fabricators will offer a “standard” set of colors. We don’t want to limit your choices. We will work with you to find a color that is ideal for your project. If needed, we can work with Benjamin Moore, or Sherwin Williams paint color chips to develop a shade for your project.  Glass, stones, metal, and other objects can be mixed into the concrete and exposed through polishing, or inlaid into the surface for a totally unique appearance.

 Can I cut on concrete countertops?

The answer is yes you can, but our recomendation is NO, don’t do it!  Counter Evolution concrete is a very hard, very dense material. Cutting on the surface of a concrete countertop WILL dull the edge of your knife. Cutting only on a wood or plastic cutting board will protect your knives, and your countertop’s sealer.  In reality, it isn’t wise to cut directly on any countertop material, especially if you like your knives.  Counter Evolution can design your kitchen countertops with built-in cutting boards, or integrated butcherblock sections.

Will hot pans damage concrete countertops?

Heat from pans off the range, or from the oven won’t hurt the concrete, but it could affect the sealer. Trivots should be used.

How thick do concrete countertops have to be?

The standard thickness for Counter Evolution concrete countertops is 1-1/2″ thick. That’s the same as most other common countertop materials, and slightly thicker than granite.  Other thickness over 1-1/2″ can be fabricated. 

Are my cabinets able to hold concrete countertops?

Probably so.  Most commercially manufactured cabinets will support concrete countertops without any additional bracing.  Concrete countertops at 1-1/2″ thick are about the same weight as 3 cm granite countertops.  Counter Evolution can help to assess the suitability of existing , or custom cabinetry, and help to engineer solutions to more challenging designs.

Is there going to be concrete splashed all over my house?

Absoulty not.   Most all of our work is pre-cast. That means your new concrete countertops will be completely finished in our studio before they are brought to your home.  The installation usually takes place in one day.